Tuesday 26 October 2021
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هايدلبرغ sm 52-5 2005

هايدلبرغ SM 52-5 2005 على التوالى CP-ترونيك CPC 1-04 زائد النسخة مسبقا Alcolor التبليل بالدوين إعادة تدوير والتبريد الانطباع التلقائي اسطوانة غسالات غسالات (...)
الخميس 5 شباط (فبراير) 2015

شقه للبيع بالساحل

استلم فورا شقة ترى البحربالساحل الشمالي شقة بتقسيط يبدا من 2300 ج تطل على البحر، تشطيب سوبر لوكس ، في قرية سياحية فاخرة بها نظام أمني كامل وشاطئ خاص وحمامات سباحة (...)
الثلاثاء 3 شباط (فبراير) 2015

search for good wife

radwanco2001 aoW yahoo.com Hi ,im searching for a good and honest women Muslem or Christine,her Age between 40 to (...)
Monday 2 February 2015

i want a woman

Hi, my name is Desmond from Nigeria, i am 6ft 1inches tall. i need a woman for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage. you can contact (...)
الاثنين 1 كانون الأول (ديسمبر) 2014

looking for caring and simple woman in canada

i am 33 years old man from Nigerian but live in south africa now. I live a simple life and taking everyone just like myself and You must know i (...)
Sunday 25 May 2014

want to marry a canadian girl

I am sabbir. My age now 18 . I live in bangladesh. I want to marry a canadian girl who love me very much. my email sabbir.life01 JLo (...)
Monday 27 January 2014

I want a woman from canada for marriage

lukmanlubowa@yahoo.co.uk I am ugandan i want a woman for marriage, am 46 and i want a woman between 35 to 50 years.
Monday 25 November 2013

want to get marry any muslim from canada us

i want to get marry any divorce or widow or separated only muslim lady from CANADA,USA,UK,FRENCH,AUSTRALIA,MORRACO,TUNSIA OR ANY ONE FOREIGNER (...)
Friday 28 June 2013

look for a canadian girl for marriage

Am a kenyan looking for 23-25yrs old,awell behaved and honest canadian girl for marriage
Wednesday 19 June 2013

want a woman to marry in montreal ,canada

hello , I am 32 years old, muslim, single, live in montreal. I am looking for a wife. contact me: hossamakl XuH (...)
Monday 17 June 2013

Marriage in Canada or USA

marongbakary12@gmail.com I am interested marriage in canada or usa a serious person i am 24 year of age a Gambian.
Friday 18 January 2013

looking for a serious relationship. v.mendez2012@gmail.com

Hi! I’m a female, 28 years old from Cebu City, Philippines. Willing to date a man around my age, plus minus 5 years. I am financially stable and (...)
Wednesday 5 December 2012

i am looking one canadian girl to married

I want a woman to marry in canada under 21 years old. I have 20 years old, brazilian, serious people only please Send one e-mail to me! (...)
Sunday 25 November 2012

location de voitures anis tour tlemcen algerie

Agence de location de voitures ANIS TOUR situé au 19B Boulevard Pasteur, Tlemcen Algérie. Vous propose des voitures touristiques, avec ou sans (...)
dimanche 25 novembre 2012

i want a good lady for marriage.

I want a nice good looking girl or woman for marriage.Am 24 years and in Ghana.You can contact me on +233208181880.Or email me on Unstopable1000 (...)
Saturday 10 December 2011

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