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In the Syria We Don’t Know

Tuesday 4 November 2014
Supporters of Bashar al-Assad at a demonstration in Homs, May 2012 A young woman in Damascus produced a smart phone from her handbag and asked, (...)

France’s War in Mali Lessons for an Expeditionary Army

Tuesday 4 November 2014
Abstract French Army operations in Mali (Operation Serval) in 2013 provide a model for designing and operating an expeditionary force, one that (...)

Syrian rebels armed, trained by US surrender to al-Qaeda

Monday 3 November 2014
By Ruth Sherlock, Gaziantep Two of the main rebel groups receiving weapons from the United States to fight both the regime and jihadist groups (...)

Interview with an Islamic State Recruiter: ’Democracy Is For Infidels’

Friday 31 October 2014
How does Islamic State think? How do its followers see the world? SPIEGEL ONLINE met up with an Islamic State recruiter in Turkey to hear about the extremist group’s vision for the future.
Interview Conducted by Hasnain Kazim How does Islamic State think? How do its followers see the world? SPIEGEL ONLINE met up with an Islamic (...)

Responding Effectively to the Military Challenges in Syria

Monday 27 October 2014
The moderate rebel force currently envisioned by Washington would take far too long to arrive on the battlefield and could be easy prey for ISIS and Assad.
As the Obama administration’s plans for raising a moderate Syrian opposition force become clearer, its approach seems to center on a lengthy (...)

New Poll Shows Majority of Saudis, Kuwaitis, Emiratis Reject ISIS, Back Two-State Solution with Israel

Saturday 25 October 2014
A rare poll conducted last month in three Gulf Cooperation Council states demonstrates decisive rejection of ISIS and a surprisingly high level of popular support for peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — but also substantial minority support for both the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.
New findings from public opinion polls commissioned by The Washington Institute and conducted in September by a leading local commercial survey (...)

In Saudi Eyes: Michel Aoun option better than no president

Friday 24 October 2014
The Lebanese Forces Leader Samir Geagea and MP Sami Gemayel travelled to Saudi Arabia on Monday evening after being invited to hold talks with (...)

Iran Is Forcing Poor Afghans to Fight and Die in Syria

Wednesday 22 October 2014
Rebels capture reluctant Afghans in Aleppo
“Come out, you donkey!” the Syrian rebel shouts in Arabic in the amateur video that appeared on the Internet in mid-October. Two other rebels are (...)

Hezbollah’s Message for Israel

Tuesday 21 October 2014
Given its recent track record of targeting Israelis, Hezbollah’s decision to take public responsibility for a new border attack likely has more to do with burnishing its domestic "resistance" credentials than sending a deterrent signal to Israel.
On October 7, for the first time since the July 2006 war, Hezbollah publicly claimed responsibility for an attack against Israel after two (...)

How to Muddle Through with Iran

Monday 20 October 2014
By revealing all the offers that Iran has rejected, Washington could block Tehran’s potential Plan B, which will likely involve constructing a reasonable public image in order to erode the international sanctions regime.
It is no accident that hardly anyone involved in the Iranian nuclear negotiations has expressed optimism about meeting the November 24 deadline (...)

ISIS Has Almost No Popular Support in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or Lebanon

Thursday 16 October 2014
New polls show that the group has curried little favor in key countries, but the nuances behind the numbers have important implications for U.S. (...)

The August events in Suwaida and their implications

Wednesday 15 October 2014
After a period of relative calm in the overwhelming Druze province of Suwaidaʾ the situation dramatically changed in the middle of last August. (...)

Investigation Into Missing Iraqi Cash Ended in Lebanon Bunker

Monday 13 October 2014
By JAMES RISEN WASHINGTON — Not long after American forces defeated the Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein in 2003, caravans of trucks began to (...)

Missing Plane: Emirates Head Critical of MH 370 Investigation

Sunday 12 October 2014
Why is there still no trace of flight MH 370? In an interview, Sir Tim Clark, head of Emirates Airline, is sharply critical of the investigation thus far. He believes someone took control of the plane and maintained it until the very end.
Interview Conducted by Andreas Spaeth Tim Clark has been a senior manager at the airline Emirates since 1985 and has been instrumental in (...)

Satellite images: Damage at the Military Research Complex at Parchin

Thursday 9 October 2014
Despite the Iranian authorities denail, images show damage to the military complex
24 hours after the reports from Iran regarding a mysterious explosion at the military compound in Parchin, evidence has been received that (...)

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