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The Next Front Line in the Islamic State Onslaught

Tuesday 7 October 2014
Lebanon’s precarious state has worsened as ISIS beheads citizens and holds hostage Lebanese troops and police.
The Obama administration has responded to the beheadings of two American journalists by launching an air campaign to “degrade and destroy” Islamic (...)

Tough Dilemma in Southern Syria

Monday 6 October 2014
Coordinated Israeli, Jordanian, and allied assistance in the south could boost the moderate Syrian rebels there, stave off an extremist takeover, and facilitate the ongoing international campaign against ISIS.
In recent weeks, a new situation has emerged in southern Syria, one that could present dangers to Israel but also significant opportunities to (...)

Qatar’s friends-with-everyone approach rankles some of its Persian Gulf neighbors

Sunday 5 October 2014
DOHA, Qatar — The U.S. military orchestrates the air war over Iraq and Syria from a hulking command center on the vast al-Udeid Air Base, a (...)

Laws on Residential Rents in Lebanon. 2014.

Sunday 5 October 2014
Government regulation of residential rent has existed in Lebanon since the country’s formation. Densely populated cities all over the world have (...)

Brothers in Trouble? Gomaa Amin and the Future of the Muslim Brotherhood

Saturday 4 October 2014
Through its choice of new leadership and other actions, the group is displaying an ideological stubbornness that may threaten its long-term viability.
The Muslim Brotherhood spent 84 years toiling in Egypt’s opposition before winning power in June 2012 only to lose it 369 days later. It has been (...)

Turkey aims to open Islamic university: Top religious head

Thursday 2 October 2014
Islamic universities in Egypt, Pakistan, Iran and Malaysia are “unable to find solutions to problems in the world.”
The head of Turkey’s top religious body has announced plans to open an Islamic university in Istanbul, as an alternative to other renowned Islamic (...)

The Army is being sucked into Syria

Monday 29 September 2014
The rising number of attacks against the Lebanese Army in Arsal and northern Lebanon is a worrying reminder of what is at stake for the military. (...)

The Khorasan Group Should Scare Us

Monday 29 September 2014
Targeting Khorasan’s leader is important, but what makes the group so frightening is its presence in Syria, where al-Qaeda explosives experts can mingle with radicalized foreign fighters carrying Western passports.
It seems the United States might have gotten its man. Earlier today a U.S. official told a news outlet that Mohsen al-Fadhli, a longtime al Qaeda (...)

Survey: 4 out 5 in Turkey consider ISIL a terrorist organization

Saturday 27 September 2014
The only similar survey, in a Middle Eastern Arab country, was the survey published, this week, by al-Qabas daily of Kuweit. Undertaken by (...)

Khorasan: A Terror Cell That Avoided the Spotlight

Thursday 25 September 2014
WASHINGTON — Some time last year, a Kuwaiti man in his early 30s who had spent more than a decade hiding from the American government arrived in (...)

Qatar’s not-so-charitable record on terror finance

Wednesday 24 September 2014
As the United States cobbles together an international coalition of the willing to take the fight to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS, (...)

Battlefield Libya

Wednesday 17 September 2014
As Libya’s steep descent continues, its claim to sovereignty is becoming increasingly tenuous, so further acts of intervention by other countries in the region are likely.
While the United States tries to enlist the support of key Middle Eastern and European allies in its fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and (...)

From Gaza to ISIS: A Trip Report Assessing the Arab-Israeli Arena

Wednesday 17 September 2014
Conversations with senior officials in Egypt, Jordan, and Israel highlight the complexities of — and potential links between — the region’s latest crisis.
DOWNLOAD PDF The Middle East today is characterized by stunning ironies and jarring disconnects. It is almost as though the Onion replaced the (...)

This Photo Explains the United States’ Relationship with Saudi Arabia

Tuesday 16 September 2014
Saudi Arabia’s existential struggle with Iran has drastic implications for the Middle East
An official State Department photo of the September 11 meeting in Jeddah between Secretary of State John Kerry and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, (...)

There goes the neighborhood

Sunday 14 September 2014
Increased al-Qaeda activity on the Golan frontier has some Israelis nostalgic for the days of Assad.
While the world focuses on the Islamic State’s advances in Iraq and Syria, the Syrian war is spilling over into the Israeli-controlled Golan (...)

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