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Beirut and the sad autumn of the Arabs

Friday 2 February 2007
By Michael Young
In March 2005, Samir Kassir wrote a column titled, "Beirut, the springtime of the Arabs." Martyrs Square was then awash with people protesting (...)

Maulana Fazlur Rehman operated upon by Dr Mubashirformer personal physician of US President George W Bush.

Friday 2 February 2007
Iqbal Latif
The other day I wrote---- ’’The role of religion and priest in society has a direct bearing on the rate of GDP development. There can be no (...)

Vigil for Freedom of the Longest-Held Prisoner in Saudi Arabia-15 years

Friday 2 February 2007
Saudi Religious Prisoner Goes on Second Hunger Strike
January 25, 2007 After being held in prisoner for 15 years for a remark he made as a young boy, Saudi religious prisoner, Hadi Al-Mutaif has (...)

With Iran Ascendant, U.S. Is Seen at Fault

Friday 2 February 2007
By Anthony Shadid
Arab Allies in Region Feeling Pressure DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Kuwait rarely rebuffs its ally, the United States, partly out of gratitude (...)

Playing by Islamofascist rules

Friday 2 February 2007
By Alex Alexiev
Some two years ago Saudi clerics issued fatwas forbidding Muslims to play soccer unless its rules were replaced by "Islamic rules," or it was (...)

When Don Quixote takes to the streets

Friday 2 February 2007
By Michael Young
So today is a "day of change," to quote Suleiman Franjieh. He could be right. That’s because, as of tomorrow, Hizbullah may have much greater (...)

Vision of Rebuilding Lebanon Wanes

Friday 2 February 2007
BINT JBAIL, Lebanon, Jan. 16 — In August, Mohammed al-Seyed watched with some pride as tractors driven by Hezbollah men rolled in to begin (...)

The Emperor has no clothes- World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, with holes on his socks

Thursday 1 February 2007
Iqbal Latif
“ World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, with holes on his socks, is seen as he leaves from the Ottoman era Selimiye mosque in Edirne, western (...)

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