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Riyadh Rendezvous: Obama to Meet with New Saudi King

Monday 26 January 2015
The length of the meeting and the names of the Saudi officials in attendance will reveal as much as any government communique or briefing on what subjects were discussed.
Tomorrow, January 27, President Obama will cut short his visit to India in order to meet with the new Saudi king in Riyadh and offer his (...)

5 facts about the Muslim population in Europe

Sunday 25 January 2015
by CONRAD HACKETT Recent violence in France and protest marches in Germany have drawn renewed attention to Europe’s Muslim population. In many (...)

Where Does MOSSAD Not Have Influence in Iran?

Friday 23 January 2015
It would be very strange if the discovery of MOSSAD’s penetration into the highest leadership of Lebanese Hezbollah a few days ago does not create (...)

Israel vs. Hezbollah, Spy vs. Spy

Wednesday 21 January 2015
New airstrikes are only the latest chapter in the ongoing intelligence war between Israel and Hezbollah, and financial information gained in U.S. undercover operations may be playing a role as well.
Sunday, Israeli airstrikes targeted a convoy of Hezbollah vehicles, killing several senior operatives, reportedly including Jihad Mughniyeh, the (...)

Why the UAE’s star is rising

Tuesday 20 January 2015
The UAE does not need to balance its anti-al-Qaeda or anti-ISIS policies with any delicate political working ties with conservatives who may support these groups in Syria and Iraq.
Major American media organizations have been running stories lately that feature one of Washington’s Persian Gulf allies, the United Arab (...)

Jihad Mughniyah planned attacks against Israel in the Golan Heights

Sunday 18 January 2015
Western intelligence sources say son of master terrorist Imad Mughniyah was planning attacks meant to ’kill soldiers, hit Israeli communities in (...)

Not Your Father’s Hezbollah

Friday 16 January 2015
Corruption in the ranks. Spies in their midst. Discipline problems. How the Syrian war is changing Lebanon’s most infamous militia.
BEIRUT — Around a kitchen table in Beirut’s southern suburbs, a midlevel Hezbollah commander moved empty coffee cups and a plastic water bottle (...)

Explaining the Turkish Military’s Opposition to Combating ISIS

Thursday 15 January 2015
While Ankara’s decision for or against fighting ISIS will be a political one, the military’s lingering resentment toward the AKP, the PKK, and Arabs could be a formidable obstacle to Turkish intervention.
In all the discussions about Turkey not being particularly supportive to the coalition fighting the "Islamic State"/ISIS, little has been said (...)

Al-Qa’ida and the Shiites

Thursday 15 January 2015
In the 1998 Embassy Bombings Court Case in the U.S. one of the key witnesses was the former al-Qa’ida member Jamal al-Fadl. Al-Fadl, a Sudanese, (...)

Shlomo Bolts: A Syrian Jew Opposed to a Political Solution With Assad

Monday 12 January 2015
The Syrian researcher holds Bashar al-Assad fully responsible for the slaughter of Syrians. He views ISIS as a willing tool of Assad and Iran to eliminate the Syrian Revolution.
In America and worldwide, civil and political organizations have emerged to support the Syrian Revolution and the people’s calls for change. While (...)

Assad’s Secret: Evidence Points to Syrian Push for Nuclear Weapons

Saturday 10 January 2015
By Erich Follath For years, it was thought that Israel had destroyed Syria’s nuclear weapons capability with its 2007 raid on the Kibar complex. (...)

African affairs in troubled waters

Thursday 8 January 2015
A controversial French writer is putting the final touches on a book about the Persian Gulf.. with the help of Iran. Pierre Péan, that’s his name, (...)

In Iraq’s war against extremists, a quiet sectarian purge

Tuesday 6 January 2015
By Hamza Hendawi and Qassim Abdul-Zahra, The Associated Press RAWASHID, Iraq — Sunni residents of this tiny village north of Baghdad are all (...)

Kataib al-Imam Ali: Portrait of an Iraqi Shiite Militant Group Fighting ISIS

Monday 5 January 2015
Although Iran’s proxies are fighting ISIS in parallel with the U.S.-led effort, their actions and radical Shiite agendas are diametrically opposed to the goal of building inclusive governments and societies in Iraq and Syria.
Over fifty Shiite militia organizations in Syria and Iraq currently claim to be training and fighting against the "Islamic State"/ISIS. Many are (...)

Saudi King in Hospital: Succession Crisis Looms

Thursday 1 January 2015
The death or incapacity of King Abdullah will exacerbate tensions within the royal family over who should replace him.
The official announcement that King Abdullah had been taken into a Riyadh hospital "to undergo some medical checkups" suggests serious concern (...)

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