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Friday’s Islamist ’Uprising’ in Egypt Could Be Bloody

Wednesday 26 November 2014
Although past uprisings have been quickly snuffed out, the latest calls for mass protests have been more strategically savvy and explicitly violent than usual.
On Friday, while Americans are recovering from Thanksgiving food comas, Egypt might experience its most violent day in over a year. The Salafist (...)

Iraqi Kurdistan: The Middle East’s Next ’Little Sparta’?

Monday 24 November 2014
The Kurds may be leveraging recent arms agreements to achieve a more direct security relationship with Western powers on the road toward de facto autonomy.
When US defence officials want to give a compliment to a junior military partner they will often use the phrase "Little Sparta", referring to the (...)

Russian sailors restive at Saint-Nazaire shipyards

Saturday 22 November 2014
In Saint-Nazaire, russian sailors are impatiently awaiting french government decision on the delivery of two Mistral-class helicopter carriers to Russia..
  The "Vladivostok" Mistral-class helicopter carrier in Saint-Nazaire. Last Thursday, "Vladivostok", the first of two Mistral-class ships sold (...)

Qatar Makes Peace With Its Gulf Neighbors

Tuesday 18 November 2014
A late-night agreement in Riyadh appears to have resolved the diplomatic spat between Qatar and its GCC partners, opening up the possibility of more diplomatic coordination and greater unity.
Yesterday, Emir Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani of Qatar was shown kissing the cheek of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia during a meeting of Gulf leaders (...)

Syria is Missing

Sunday 16 November 2014
Countering ISIS: Obama Administration Strategy
President Barack Obama, with Secretary of State John Kerry, participates in a secure video teleconference with Embassy Baghdad and Consulates (...)

The Byzantium that is still with us

Saturday 15 November 2014
The Hagia Sophia, the walls of Constantinople and a few churches are still with us, while much else remains buried under accumulated building of centuries. Yet we have one institution today whose roots extend back even to the time of New Rome: The Greek Orthodox Church
A mosaic depicting Fatih Sultan Mehmed handing over a firman (imperial edict) and a staff to Gennadios Scholarios. * “The spider serves as (...)

The Mistral Helicopter carriers interest India too

Saturday 15 November 2014
François Hollande is expected to give the green light for the delivery to Russia of the first Mistral ship.
  A consequence of the Ukrainian crisis, the Elysee had initially threatened to cancel the contract. According to military sources, the first of (...)

‘Lebanon’ Is the Israeli ‘Fury’

Saturday 15 November 2014
2010 tank movie is intimate, realistic
Look, Fury is great. But it lacks something—the claustrophobia of combat in an armored vehicle. What Fury was trying to achieve—the tension of (...)

Morocco Deepens Anti-IS Gulf Ties, but Neglects Returning Jihadi Threat

Friday 14 November 2014
Even as Rabat sends delegations abroad to garner support for its security programs, the question remains: Why is Morocco one of the largest sources of IS fighters in the Arab world?
Last week, Morocco announced that it would increase intelligence and military support to the United Arab Emirates, ramping up its involvement in (...)

Naame Shaam Releases Report on Role of Iranian Regime in Syria War

Monday 10 November 2014
Press release Sepah Pasdaran, Hezbollah implicated in war crimes – Iran an ’occupying force’ in regime-held areas of Syria (...)

The 1968 Siege of Sana: A Houthi Historical Parallel

Monday 10 November 2014
Locals tend to perceive today’s conflict less as a struggle between external forces than as a continuation of long-running tensions between Zaydi tribal elite and the modern Yemeni state.
The beginning of November saw Sana’s airport, government buildings, universities, and even major city intersections firmly under the control of (...)

In the UAE, the United States has a quiet, potent ally nicknamed ‘Little Sparta’

Sunday 9 November 2014
An F-15E Strike Eagle taxis to a parking spot at Al-Dhafra Air Base in the United Arab Emirates in May 2014. (Russ Scalf/U.S. Air Force) (...)

Lebanon’s Jewish Revival

Saturday 8 November 2014
An Embattled Minority Restores Its Past
Maghen Abraham, Beirut’s oldest synagogue, undergoes renovation in Wadi Abu-Jamil district in downtown Beirut (Courtesy Reuters) * Miriam (...)

Oman Ruler’s Failing Health Could Affect U.S. Iran Policy

Saturday 8 November 2014
The death of Sultan Qaboos with no clear successor would jeopardize U.S.-Iran diplomatic contacts, the latest of which will be the meeting tomorrow in Muscat between Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.
On November 5, the Omani state television channel broadcast a video of seventy-three-year-old Sultan Qaboos bin Said, currently undergoing (...)

Tauran calls for international community to intervene after Christians are burnt alive

Thursday 6 November 2014
The President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue speaks to Vatican Radio about the barbaric killing in Pakistan: “How can one stand by and watch when crimes religion declares to be legitimate are committed?”
ANDREA TORNIELLI VATICAN CITY “I am shocked by the immense barbarity of this act…” This was how Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, President of the (...)

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