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Why the Arabs’ test grades are lower

Saturday 5 April 2014
Were I a fan of conspiracy theories, I would accuse Bill Gates of purposely trying to trip up the Arab test takers.
The recently published OECD test results once again expose the nakedness of the Israeli education system. The latest tests included a section (...)

Two states for two languages

Tuesday 1 April 2014
Arabic state, Hebrew state - Discard the false visions of a binational state
The time has come to speak to the point. The Jews and the Arabs aren’t going anywhere. You don’t have to be a genius to realize that the present (...)

The whole tragedy in a nutshell

Saturday 29 March 2014
Ever since the two peoples, the Jews and the Palestinians, met in conflict on this small land they have been constantly plagued by the attempt to (...)

Next Test for Obama: Soothing the Saudis

Tuesday 25 March 2014
The kingdom will have a raft of complaints for the president when he visits Riyadh.
Los Angeles Times President Obama will visit Saudi Arabia this week. Based on what I hear from key Saudis, he is in for a rough reception. (...)

Two states for two languages

Thursday 20 March 2014
Discard the false visions of a binational state: The time has come to speak to the point. Both the Jews and the Arabs aren’t going anywhere. And in the absence of partition, the conflict will not be solved.
The time has come to speak to the point. The Jews and the Arabs aren’t going anywhere. You don’t have to be a genius to realize that the present (...)

‘How can a Muslim do this?’

Wednesday 12 March 2014
“This” in the title line refers to the continuous fall into the public domain of increasingly embarrassing tape recordings undeniably proving that (...)

Hezbollah’s presidential headaches grow

Tuesday 11 March 2014
The recent denigration of President Michel Sleiman by Ibrahim Amin, the editor of Al-Akhbar, is part of Hezbollah’s larger fight over the (...)


Wednesday 5 March 2014
Turkey has become rather different compared to the apolitical post-1980s country where people were scared to manifest their political standing. (...)

What is to be done? Putin’s aggression in Ukraine needs a response

Tuesday 4 March 2014
Zbigniew Brzezinski was national security adviser from 1977 to 1981. Regarding the Russian aggression against Ukraine, much depends on what (...)

Why PISA leans away from the Arabs

Saturday 1 March 2014
Why is there such a large gap in the digital reading scores between Arabic and Hebrew speakers?
If I were into conspiracy theories I would hasten to blame Bill Gates, Microsoft and the Windows operating system for the failure of Arab (...)

Iran’s Nuclear Debate: The Domestic Politics

Thursday 27 February 2014
On February 21, 2014, Nima Gerami and Mehdi Khalaji addressed a Policy Forum marking the publication of the new Washington Institute study (...)

Confronting the Changing Face of al-Qaeda Propaganda

Wednesday 26 February 2014
The coordinator of the U.S. Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications describes how the "new normal" in global jihadist radicalization will require Washington and its allies to use public diplomacy as a major soft-power tool in countering violent extremism, both online and on the ground. Watch video or read his remarks.
The following are Ambassador Fernandez’s prepared remarks, delivered as part of The Washington Institute’s Stein Counterterrorism Lecture Series; (...)

An important week in Cyprus diplomacy

Monday 24 February 2014
The government is about to collapse in southern Cyprus. In the north, Foreign Minister Özdil Nami is unhappy - if not with Kudret Özersay, then (...)

Mr. Kerry’s futile Syria initiative

Sunday 23 February 2014
The Post’s View By Editorial Board, Sunday, February 23, NOW THAT the “Geneva 2” conference on Syria has collapsed, Secretary of State John F. (...)

The father, the son and the holy ghost

Saturday 22 February 2014
Everything Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does and says conforms to the ideology of the family crucible that shaped his political path over (...)

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