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Shaffaf Exclusive: How does the Islamic State turmoil and the dislocation of Syria and Iraq look from a Turkish perspetive. A discusion with Hurriyet Daily News (...)

“We had a language which was very suitable for science; yet we slept over it one night and the next morning it was gone. Now we have been dragged down to the level of (...)

Arwa Othman has been a regular Middle East Transparent. Her articles, in arabic, are available here. * Arwa Othman, awarded the Alison Des Forges Award by Human (...)

More than three months after the guns fell silent in and around the Gaza Strip, the postwar reconstruction of Gaza has moved forward at a snail’s pace, plans for a (...)

By SAM DAGHER AL-QARDAHA, Syria—On the fourth day of a rebel assault on President Bashar al-Assad ’s seat of power in Damascus, an explosion tore through offices of (...)

On Dec. 7, the Israeli air force carried out a series of surgical air strikes inside Syria. Such strikes are not uncommon in Syria and Lebanon—the Israelis frequently (...)

Once again, we find ourselves at the height of election fever in the Jewish “nation-state” — in other words, in the state where the Jew is “above everyone.” But I have (...)

The Mevlevı ‘sema,’ or whirling ceremony. PHOTO: Fatma Demir. * During the first half of the 13th century in Konya, a city in Central Anatolia Celaladdin Rumi - or (...)

Prior to the ongoing civil war, the Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAF) was never considered a key component of the Syrian military. Routinely bested by the Israeli Air (...)

The killing of six soldiers near Ras Baalbek Tuesday concealed a broader political message, one with significant implications for Hezbollah: The primary defender of (...)

Earlier today, a series of royal orders in the name of King Abdullah announced that eight new members had been appointed to the Saudi Council of Ministers, an (...)

Eric Edelman is a distinguished fellow at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments and served as undersecretary of defense during the George W. Bush (...)

The Catholic Church of St. Anthony of Padua in Istanbul. The break between the Eastern Orthodox Churches and the Roman Catholic Church is dated to 1054, although (...)

As a diplomat and Israel’s ambassador to the Dominican Republic and as a reserve officer in the Israel Defense Forces I am shocked at the conduct of Israel’s (...)

She made a joke about a beard and the medieval clergy went berserk; apparently they do not have a sense of humour. Now she is in prison charged with, and I am not (...)

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