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The Iranian nuclear negotiations have proven divisive enough within the United States and among the United States and its allies. But the bigger story is the wedge (...)

Tomorrow, January 27, President Obama will cut short his visit to India in order to meet with the new Saudi king in Riyadh and offer his condolences on the death (...)

In his State of the Union address Tuesday, U.S. President Barack Obama mentioned Syria only twice. On both occasions he did so in the context of the American-led (...)

by CONRAD HACKETT Recent violence in France and protest marches in Germany have drawn renewed attention to Europe’s Muslim population. In many European countries, (...)

The nuclear negotiations between the United States and Iran appear stalemated. Meanwhile Iran is on the march in the Middle East with its forces supporting the coup (...)

It would be very strange if the discovery of MOSSAD’s penetration into the highest leadership of Lebanese Hezbollah a few days ago does not create a (...)

Sunday, Israeli airstrikes targeted a convoy of Hezbollah vehicles, killing several senior operatives, reportedly including Jihad Mughniyeh, the son of late (...)

Major American media organizations have been running stories lately that feature one of Washington’s Persian Gulf allies, the United Arab Emirates, as a favored (...)

If there is anything pure, unadulterated, transcendent in Benjamin Netanyahu, it’s his vulgarity. The corpses were still warm last week when the Israeli prime (...)

Western intelligence sources say son of master terrorist Imad Mughniyah was planning attacks meant to ’kill soldiers, hit Israeli communities in the Golan Heights and (...)

Shaffaf Interview with Toufic Gaspard Shaffaf- From a Beirut perspective, how did the Daesh disaster come about? Who is to blame? Toufic Gaspard: Unfortunately, (...)

The terrorist network responsible for killing seventeen people in Paris last week is a troubling combination of three generations of jihadists, all fueled by (...)

BEIRUT — Around a kitchen table in Beirut’s southern suburbs, a midlevel Hezbollah commander moved empty coffee cups and a plastic water bottle around a cell phone, (...)

In all the discussions about Turkey not being particularly supportive to the coalition fighting the "Islamic State"/ISIS, little has been said about the military’s (...)

In the 1998 Embassy Bombings Court Case in the U.S. one of the key witnesses was the former al-Qa’ida member Jamal al-Fadl. Al-Fadl, a Sudanese, who had defrauded (...)

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